The Rocky Mountain World Trade Center Institute is dedicated to providing practical, real-world training to ensure that you and your employees remain current on all of the nuances of international trade. As a separate 501 (c)(3), the Institute’s comprehensive trainings focus on realistic approaches and concrete anecdotes to a wide variety of international business subjects.

The World Trade Center’s Educational Programs have won three awards:

  • 2013 "The President's E Certificate for Export Service" from the Department of Commerce for an outstanding contribution to the Export Expansion Program of the United States of America.
  • 2000 “Best Practices Award” from the World Trade Centers Association.
  • 1998 "Program Excellence Award" from NASBITE (National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators).

A Message from the Institute Chairman

As the Chairman of the Rocky Mountain World Trade Center Institute, I invite you to take advantage of the international business training available through the Institute. For more than 25 years, I have been successfully operating in the international arena, and can attest to the importance of real-world, hands-on experience when seeking instruction on how to compete in the global marketplace. The Institute is a terrific source to gain knowledge both through locally and nationally known expert instruction and through interaction with fellow business-leaders.

Your engagement with the Institute will ensure relevant and timely training on such important international trade subjects as export compliance, importing strategy, international finance and cross cultural communications. Even if you routinely operate internationally, I believe you will still find value in refreshing your knowledge, particularly with the continually changing landscape of international regulation, compliance and business processes.

I urge you to take advantage of the programs offered by the Institute to reinforce and assist in your current endeavors or to prepare for those to come. Please join us at the Institute to enhance or develop the unique skills and specialized knowledge that will provide you and your company with greater international success.


Marcia Wright

TriZetto Corporation

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