World Trade Day 2013

Imagine an international trade and investment conference with 500 participants from across the globe showcasing the most dynamic technology tools to help you expand and grow your markets. This, all set in the most conducive venue for networking, is the 40th Annual World Trade Day Conference hosted by the Rocky Mountain World Trade Center Institute. This year’s theme, “Plug into the Global Economy – How Technology Impacts Trade,” will not only feature the latest technology tools available to help expand international business opportunities, but will also showcase a number of operational and marketing techniques, including improving supply chain through technology, connecting a global workforce, marketing to mobile devices, social media for international business and website search engine optimization. With a different theme every year, World Trade Day has become the Rocky Mountain Region’s most successful and exciting focal point for the international business community. Attendees gather to learn and discuss the most interesting and pressing issues facing global business today.

Taking place on May 16th, World Trade Day coincides with World Trade Week, which was declared by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1935. As an organization committed to international trade and business facilitation for 25 years, the World Trade Center Denver and its Institute assist businesses as they seek to expand their horizons and bottom line by tapping into global opportunities. With this in mind, we will showcase the latest technology tools to assist companies to identify new potential markets, conduct due diligence on new partners or customers, manage foreign exchange rates, and identify government assistance in conducting international business. Companies with unique technology demanded worldwide will also be featured during the conference.

The U.S. Small Business Administration and VISA chose World Trade Day 2013 as a venue to announce the “Exporter of the Year” award as well as the winners of the SBA-Visa Export Video Contest. World Trade Day is also the venue where the Colorado Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Exporting are recognized.