About Our Events

WTC Denver Events

As the epicenter of global connectivity for the Rocky Mountain Region, we host a myriad of events throughout the year.  We partner with foreign governments, higher education, trade association, chambers of commerce and the business community to host timely discussions around international business topics and facilitate networking with the globally minded community.  Read below to learn more about the types of events and annual programs that we host.

Major Networking Events

The primary goal of World Trade Center Denver networking events is to provide an opportunity for local and international business people to connect to one another, build relationships and develop potential partnerships. The events range from informal networking events to round table discussions to networking receptions.  We invite members and non-members alike to attend these events and keep abreast of international opportunities from around the world. Visit our events page and calendar for a list of upcoming Networking events.

World Trade Day

World Trade Day is our annual flagship event  and conference in the Rocky Mountain region. 2017 marks the 44th annual World Trade Day conference and will bring together members of the international business community to focus on timely topics. The program combines a series of speakers from the local business community with key national and international leaders that come together to share their global insights. Visit our World Trade Day page for current information on past and upcoming World Trade Days.

Annual Member Meeting

The World Trade Center Denver's Annual Member Meeting provides the globally minded community an opportunity to share ideas with our board of directors and other members and learn about important issues that affect international trade in our community and around the world. The Annual Member Meeting is held every September.


Once each quarter, the French-American, German-American and Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce, the British-American Club and the World Trade Center Denver gather for an evening of international networking. Visit our events page for details as locations and dates vary.

Rocky Mountain World Trade Center Institute

The Rocky Mountain World Trade Center Institute is dedicated to providing practical, real-world training to ensure that you and your employees remain current on all of the nuances of international trade. As a separate 501 (c)(3), the Institute’s comprehensive trainings focus on realistic approaches and concrete anecdotes to a wide variety of international business subjects. The Institute’s Certificate in International Trade Program is designed to build a comprehensive set of skills that help you assess the opportunities and risks encountered in international business. Upon completion of our trainings, you will be equipped with the knowledge and credentials needed to succeed in a globally competitive marketplace. Click here for more information about our Rocky Mountain World Trade Center Institute trainings.

Round Table Events

The World Trade Center Denver regularly organizes and hosts breakfast and lunchtime informational and networking round table discussions.  Topics vary from country updates provided by visiting dignitaries, to current political and international trade and finance topics that can impact the future of trade and international business. Round tables are informational and facilitate opportunities to create meaningful connections and help you build out your network of internationally experienced colleagues.  Together with local and national partners, we develop quality programs that provide meaningful, insightful information to all participants. Individuals interested in attending round table events do not have to be members of the WTC Denver, but a fee to attend might apply.  For a list of upcoming round table discussions and other events, please visit our events page.

Protocol Dinners

Cultural differences create a diverse world around us, but can lead to challenges and opportunities for international business professionals. These nuances can become a source of frustration and lead to misunderstandings that could result in a failed business transaction. Did you know that the Chinese consider it rude to ever drink alone at dinner, without first toasting those at the table? Did you know that in most Latin American countries, lunch is a 2-3 hour affair?  Avoid awkward situations and enhance your ability to connect with international business partners by attending a World Trade Center Protocol Dinner, where experts will teach you about etiquette and business customs in an immersion setting while you enjoy an authentic and delicious meal. Some topics to be covered include: Manners for guests and hosts, business and meeting etiquette, typical cuisine, topics of conversation, useful phrases and table etiquette. Visit our events page and calendar to find out about our next protocol dinner.  Countries we've focused on in the past include Mongolia, Brazil, Japan, China, Mexico and more.