Research Tools

The World Trade Center Denver subscribes to several state-of-the-art trade tools to assist with international business for manufacturers or service providers who are exporting, importing or expanding global operations. Depending on the level of membership with the World Trade Center Denver access to these tools will be free or discounted. Customized research to assist you with selecting markets, distributors, and sources is also provided by the WTC Denver staff at $50 per hour, or 5 hours for free for our Traders Level Members, and 10 hours for free for our Investors Level Members.

As a World Trade Center Denver member, you have the unique opportunity to access Panjiva.
  • A research tool that uses data in a variety of different ways: to search for suppliers or manufacturers overseas, to find new customers for products or services, to track companies' supply chains, and to gain insight into specific global trade trends by industry.

World Trade Center Denver and WISERTrade Partner to Provide Export and Import Statistical Information.
  • WISERTrade analyzes Census trade data down to the state level and to a 6-digit Harmonized Tariff Schedule number.
  • This tool can show which countries are importing your product worldwide, the fastest growing markets, those countries where the market is sizeable and yet your company does not have a foothold and, perhaps most importantly, where your competitors are shipping their products.

  • The world’s most comprehensive country-by-country resource for how to succeed in international trade and business. With approximately 100 pages of resources for 100 countries, AtoZ World Trade is similar published by World Press, who also publishes the Encyclopedia of World Trade.
  • It can help to strengthen mutual understanding across cultures by lowering the information barriers that prevent individuals and organizations from succeeding in the international arena.

 (Coming Soon)
  • The WTCA and Kompass formed a global partnership, where members can have premium access to the Kompass Easybusiness, and B2B Worldwide database.
  • Access to information for 5 million B2B companies, 17 million contacts, 56,000 products and services, and unique classification codes in 68 countries.
  • Kompass also provides market Intelligence and data in 26 different languages.