Culture and Travel

  • CultureGrams Provides reliable and up-to-date reports on 200 countries, each U.S. state and all 13 Canadian provinces.
  • Communicaid Business Culture Briefs This site features short informational reports on the business etiquette practices of 20 major countries.
  • Executive Planet Focuses on country-specific business customs and etiquette, Executive Planet features information on negotiating, business entertaining, and communication across cultural barriers in a business environment.
  • Passport Health The largest provider of travel medical and immunization services in the United States.
  • Traveler's Health Find health information for specific destinations, and information on diseases, vaccinations, mosquitoes and ticks, safe food and water, and what to do if you are injured or become ill abroad.
  • Expedited Passports and Visas The Colorado Passport Agency only serves customers who are traveling, or submitting their passports for foreign visas, within 14 days. To apply at the Agency, you must schedule an appointment by calling toll-free at 1-877-487-2778, 24 hours/day.
  • Spring Institute fro Intercultural Learning  The Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning is a nonprofit, training and consulting organization with a focus on language and culture. They work with people and organizations all over the world, enabling communication and increasing cross-cultural understanding.