Outreach and Database Development

As part of an effort to spread education and awareness throughout Colorado about exporting opportunities, the RMWTCI will create a database of exporters in Colorado.

This database will connect exporters across the state, involve numerous nonprofit, for profit, public, and private entities, and increase connectivity between rural and urban exporters - all with the goal of increasing export education and access to exporting resources throughout the state.

One program that will be a direct result of this database is the RMWTCI B2B Mentorship Project. This business-to-business mentoring program will aid those in the 22 counties of Colorado who are taking their first steps in exporting. New exporters will have the opportunity to form a business relationship and have access to one-on-one advice from a Colorado mentor who has been successful in the field of exporting for years.

Additionally, the RMWTCI Exporter Database will:
  • Help connect businesses and entrepreneurs to the appropriate public and private sector exporting resources.
  • Enable the RMWTCI to inform exporters about targeted programs that will help them in their exporting process.
  • Use data obtained to track successes, challenges and opportunities in order for the RMWTCI to create future export programming for Colorado.