The Rocky Mountain World Trade Center Institute is dedicated to providing practical, real-world training to ensure that you and your employees remain current on all of the nuances of international trade. As a separate 501(c)3, the Institute’s comprehensive trainings focus on realistic approaches and concrete anecdotes to a wide variety of international business subjects. Ranging from exporting to importing, compliance to intellectual property laws, harmonized code classifications to cross-cultural communications, the programs offered through the Institute address the full gambit of global trade and business. The breadth of trainings, in combination with an ever-changing calendar of roundtables and seminars, allows the World Trade Center Denver and the Institute to help the international business community address many of the challenges involved in international trade. Whether it is a communications slip or a payment mishap, it is our goal to help copanies manage these global issues while bridging the gap between professional development and hands-on, practical training.

The World Trade Center’s Educational Programs have won many awards, including:
  • 2013 "The President's E-Award for Export Service" from the Department of Commerce for an outstanding contribution to the Export Expansion Program of the United States of America.
  • 2000 “Best Practices Award” from the World Trade Centers Association, headquartered in New York City.
  • 1998 "Program Excellence Award" from NASBITE (National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators).

Upcoming Training Program
To view the full schedule of upcoming trainigs, please click here to view our events page. You can also download our current program guide.

What sets the Institute's training apart from other programs?
Institute instructors are experienced international professionals who bring years of experience and applicable anecdotes to our programs. Our industry experts provide topical lectures, pertinent course lectures, real world examples, and “hot button” checklists to help participants understand accepted international business procedures, recognized potential problems, and mitigate risk.

Certificate in International Trade Program
The Institute’s Certificate in International Trade Program is designed to build a comprehensive set of skills that help you assess the opportunities and risks encountered in international business. To learn more about the program, please click here.

On-Site Training
The Institute designs, coordinates, and delivers specific, tailor-made courses and workshops on a range of international business issues. Working closely with our team of instructors and partner organizations, we are able to offer dozens of training topics that can be customized to match specific training requirements, providing high-value, and economical programs at a time and place convenient to a particular business. The Institute’s in-house training allows a company to focus on their specific needs, eliminate irrelevant materials, emphasize what’s important to their particular business, and freely discuss proprietary issues. To learn more, click here.