Are you a first-generation immigrant or refugee in Colorado hoping to make a difference for your family in Colorado AND in your home country?

Have you dreamt of running your own business or joining a local company and wanting to help them trade WITH your country or region of origin?

If the answer is “YES”, you may be an excellent candidate for the Global Trade Activator program.  Our Global Trade Activator is an accelerated program that immigrants and refugees can go through to bring a product to market in the U.S. or export, increasing their global presence and achieving greater prosperity through international trade.

In 2019 – 2020 our Global Trade Activator program for Immigrants & Refugees included:

  • 40 participants 24 from Africa, 8 from Latin America and the Caribbean, 7 from Asia, 1 from Europe
  • Among them we can count 7 participants in level 1 (starting a business plan), 25 in level 2 (intermediate-business plan on development) and 5 in level 3 (in the market or improving their existing business) 
  • 25 participants pursuing the Certificate in International Trade and 8 already certified
  • Development of robust coaching program with 15 highly-qualified trade experts developing more than 70 coaching sessions
  • Student assistant program with 15 students from 3 Universities developing websites design, accounting system, marketing plan, market research and more providing more than 50 hours of assistant
  • Development of 11 workshop classes in a variety of topics with more than 100 attendants
  • 8 participants had their first shipping of products
  • 3 participants are selling their products in the market
  • 20 business plans under development and 3 finished
  • 3 loan application and approved and 4 in progress
  • Development of alliances with more than 20 institutions that provide services to immigrants and refugees in Colorado, of which 8 have formal agreements and have given scholarships to encourage additional participants to join our program
  • Outside of training and workshop classes, we provided more than 100 hours of additional support and consultation for participants in our offices

How Colorado Immigrants and Refugees entrepreneurs benefit from the Global Trade Activator Program

Hear how Javion Blake is leveraging his relationship with the World Trade Center Denver to grow his business


* In the United States, immigrants are nearly twice as likely to become entrepreneurs as native-born U.S. citizens

* Immigrant entrepreneurs are 60% more likely to engage in global trade

* Immigrants represent 27.5% of the country’s entrepreneurs but only around 13% of the population



“World Trade Day was so exciting and so educational for me. Being there for my second time was a wonderful chance to learn more about my business options”

John Tinkiano, Certificate of International Trade Recipient, 2019. Originally from Sierra Leone

Several free international business training sessions

Access to research and data to support trading business

Mentor to work with you through your business plan

Network and resource referrals to support your plan

Assistance to find a job in the field

To inquire about applying for the Global Trade Activator program or to be a mentor for the program, please contact

Coordinator Marisela Parraguez at 303.592.5760