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World Trade Day 2021
May 20th, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
May 21st, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
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World Trade Day is an international trade and investment conference with over 700 participants from across the Rocky Mountain Region and around the globe.  This year’s theme is Digital Globalization, and how technology is helping to accelerate connections, transparency and trade.

Learn from local and global experts, connect with your peers based on your topic of interest and your specific industry, set up B2B meetings, and connect through chats and video calls. Have fun with speed networking; you never know who you will be matched with and let it be the start of something great.

Join us to discuss the impact of global trade on our region and learn how to jump-start your business, mitigate risk, and leverage the latest technology to boost your global operations.




Thursday, May 20th, Day 1

Keynote: Doing Business Across Borders in an Age of Digital Uncertainty:  The Experience of Zoom
Josh Kallmer, Head of Global Public Policy and Government Relations, Zoom

Like many companies in the tech sector and throughout the economy, Zoom has expanded internationally at a time when the digital “rules of the road” seem increasingly uncertain.  Josh Kallmer, Zoom’s Head of Global Public Policy and Government Relations, will describe the rapidly evolving landscape around global data governance and Zoom’s journey in navigating it.  His remarks will touch on a number of related but distinct themes, including:  (1) geopolitical issues such as the U.S.-China tech rivalry and the EU’s efforts to achieve “digital sovereignty”; (2) disparate national and regional efforts to develop rules around tech policy topics such as privacy, platform liability, competition, etc.; and (3) the implications for companies seeking to trade, invest, and otherwise do business across borders.

Trade Talk: The Internet is Dying – The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence to Global Digital Citizenship
Tripp Lake, Intellectual Property and Technology partner of Lewis Brisbois, and Founding Member of the Digital Globalization Consortium

Masaharu Morita, New Business Manager, Medical Division, FUJIFILM, and Founding Member of the Digital Globalization Consortium

We have to be online. But confidence in online transactions has eroded, and finding a new, trusted partner in online transactions is often a leap of faith. What if there was a digital tool that did serve our best interests while helping to weed out untrustworthy data for future transactions? Current technologies, like Blockchain, are inadequate to restore trust. Instead there is an emerging advanced Artificial Intelligence solution that will, by consistent application across a broad spectrum of use cases, recreate trustworthiness in transactions and allow for the recreation of privacy.  The solution will harness the inevitable march of AI to merge the physical space and cyberspace into true digital citizenship – a Smart Society, or Society 5.0.


Trade Talk: Global Cyber Trends: A Fortune 100 Perspective
Patrick Hellman, Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Arrow Electronics

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Trade Talk: Blockchain technology for supply chains—A Must or a Maybe?
Julie Lockwood, Director at IBM, Global Business Services Distribution & Consultant, University of Colorado
Erik Bergemen, Senior Client Partner, Wipro Limited

Can you continue to afford to ignore technology advances in your Supply Chain?  Technology is rapidly changing how the Supply Chain operates. During this session, we will profile how Maersk, Fedex and Walmart added blockchain to increase visibility, provide transparency and increase trust.  Come learn how to build a case for change. 


Friday, May 21st, Day 2

Keynote: Technology, Trade, and Transparency: How the Openness of the Digital world can Expand Global Opportunity
Danielle Osler, Global Transparency Lead, Google

A key goal of expanding trade is to expand opportunity. The proliferation of digital technology across every sector and facet of life has been enabled by openness. This openness is not only in the tech world’s approach to sharing information, but in its approach to collaboration, innovation, and growth. While we often consider the need for protecting business secrets and intellectual property rights for a company’s growth, we don’t often consider the crucial importance of facilitating information sharing, open standards, interoperability, and transparency for creating the conditions of growth. Building upon this paradigm of openness can not only unlock new opportunities for business and individuals. It can enhance trust in the ecosystem of institutions at the heart of trade and innovation, which is vital to bringing the benefits of growth to all.


Trade Talk: America Must Be Present to Win
Mark Kennedy, President, University of Colorado

Today’s most vibrant economic region is Asia, which has two economic trade agreements that are defining supply chains. Neither include America. As new agreements define the rules for digital commerce – the most dynamic economic sector – the United States stands on the sidelines. America must be present to win.


Trade Talk: Innovation:  Leveling the Global Playing Field
Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder of Square, Author of The Innovation Stack
Tom Bugnitz, CEO of Manufacturer’s Edge

Jim McKelvey is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, philanthropist and artist.  He’ll share his remarkable story of how he started a business that transformed an industry, along the way unlocking a whole new model for innovation that levels the playing field for the small players and provides access to resources for those blocked by rules and regulations.  His model for innovation, which he calls the Innovation Stack, is a ground-breaking, competition-proof form of entrepreneurship that is rare, but repeatable.  This virtual fireside chat will be moderated by Tom Bugnitz, whose friendship with Jim has lasted decades.


Trade Talk: Explosion of E-Fulfillment
Megan Smith, CEO, Symbia Logistics

The COVID pandemic fast forwarded the growth of e-commerce and changed the face of retail forever. Increased customer expectations, heightened small parcel delivery demands and the critical importance of the right tech stack have become compulsory to the success of any e-tailer and their fulfillment company. Megan Smith, from Symbia Logistics, will dive into this exploding channel of consumerism and the impact it’s had on local and global supply chains.


Trade Talk: A View into the Carbon and Materials Impact of the Digitization of Trade- Challenges and Opportunities
Johann Boedecker, CEO & Founder, Pentatonic and Ali Fenn, President, ITRenew

During the World Trade Center Denver’s World Trade Day Sustainability Panel, Ali Fenn, of ITRenew, & Johann Boedecker, of Pentatonic, will talk about the opportunity and imperative to adopt circular economic models in our digitally enabled world.   Discussed through the lens of the journey of consumers purchasing products online,  Ali and Johann will explore the sustainability impact of physical products and their manufacture, transport, and end of life pathways, including the digital infrastructure that powers this full lifecycle.  Topics will span material and waste dimensions as well as carbon, and seek to showcase a model for positive transformation across all three. Ali and Johann will focus on tangible examples and actionable steps that apply to a broad range of consumer facing businesses. Expect surprising facts about where low hanging fruit of carbon and waste emission savings are commonly found.

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“International trade is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape and World Trade Day brings together like-minded businesses to engage in discussions about key trends and provides opportunities to share best practices and learn from one another.”

Lindsay Besser Hank, Director of Global Services
Leprino Foods

“Attending and sponsoring World Trade Day in 2019 helped our office, Denver Economic Development & Opportunity, connect with the global business/academic/government community, share our message, gain valuable contacts during the networking activities and ted talks, and learn about current issues that impact international trade.  It’s a great event to make connections and for us as a sponsor, raise awareness of our office to a globally minded audience.”

Stephanie Garnica, Director Global Business Development
Denver Economic Development & Opportunity

“World Trade Day attracts first class speakers with topical subject matter and “in the trenches” experience. Every year we realize a 100% ROI on our participation of World Trade Day.”

Lois Vera Brown
Laser Technology Inc.

“We look forward to World Trade Day to come. It is not only an incredible opportunity to meet traders and entrepreneurs, but also a day of learning and valuable conversations. Our company has benefitted from a very good exposure and we have created meaningful connections. An exhilarating and energetic day not to be missed.”

Martin Capella, Managing Director USA
Garritz International

“World Trade Day is an extremely useful event to meet and mingle with Denver’s international business community. Being a sponsor gives you a further opportunity to really have a presence in front of your peers and reach the right people. Highly recommended event for anyone doing or interested in international business.”

Karen Warsh
University of Colorado Denver

“World Trade Day was one of the best conferences I’ve had the opportunity to take part in. The connections that I made during the conference and after were second to none (and some even became clients!). Participating in World Trade Day gave me the opportunity to get to know other players in the international business community and learn more about the different opportunities involved in working on the world stage. I’m looking forward to being involved again this year!”

Ian Campbell, CEO
Mission Suite

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“World Trade Day is an extremely useful event to meet and mingle with Denver’s international business community. Being a sponsor gives you a further opportunity to really have a presence in front of your peers and reach the right people. Highly recommended event for anyone doing or interested in international business.”

Karen Warsh
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